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At The Corner of Madison & Grand 

In 2007 when my husband and I said “I do” we moved into a tiny duplex in downtown Carlsbad on…you guessed it…the corner of Madison & Grand. It was in this tiny duplex that our styles collided and we learned what it meant to share living space. We had both had roommates before but this was different and learning to compromise and blend styles to create a home that welcomed us both in at the end of the day took some time...


Cotton Wash Cloth Sets 

Our washcloths are crocheted with 100% cotton yarn that's gentle on even the most delicate skin. Machine washable, and reinforced stitching will ensure their longevity. We love them as a baby shower gift paired with your favorite baby bath products. Mama & baby approved! 


Limited Edition "Fika" Boards 

Fika (n) a coffee break between friends or colleagues, often accompanied by pastries.

At Madison & Grand we participate in the Swedish concept of Fika often and now we are bringing it home to you with our Limited Edition Fika Boards. Beautiful walnut paired with our modern hardware, these boards are perfect for a coffee break with a friend or even during some quiet time for yourself. 


Wooden Bead Garland  

Looking for something to add a little pop of fun to your room? Try our wooden bead garland! Each strand of garland consists of a mix of three different bead sizes and includes hand painted beads in bright white. 

Wonderful for bedrooms, mantles, even tablescapes, it's versatility makes it a must have home decor item. 

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