Taking on Tiny

It was dark out by the time we found the address. My husband pulled into the empty dirt driveway and turned on the brights.  Illuminated before us was a tiny one bedroom one bath house that looks like a miniature situated between two normal size houses. It was surrounded by giant pine trees and a large yard that made it look even smaller and was sporting a rather sad looking red window box that matched the terribly painted red front door. In that moment I looked at my husband and without saying a word we both knew what the other was thinking...this was the one. 

Now mind you we did have our reservations. The largest being that it was 648 square feet. Smaller than the first apartment my husband and I had when we got married. Now 10 years later, a dog and two kids in tow we weren't sure we could take on something quiet so cozy.  Ironically  we had spent the last two months living in a studio that was 48 square feet smaller so I was fairly confident it was possible and was looking forward to the possibility of at the very least having a door to separate me from my children each night. 

In a heavily forested neighborhood situated about 6 miles outside of town our tiny house is on a quiet street with a mix of retired couples, a few young parents like ourselves and the vacationers who are only in town during the spring and summer then fly south for the winter, leaving the rest of us under a heavy coat of snow. Its a tight knit little neighborhood where your neighbors come to meet you when you move in and where everyone watches out for one another. Catching escaped animals, making sure packages don't get left on your porch when you're out of town and bringing cookies over just because they happened to make extra. It couldn't be more different from the homes that we have had in the past and we quickly fell in love with our neighborhood and our tiny house. 


Our plans for our tiny house include the addition of a master suite, a loft for Audrey and a full back and front yard renovation that will include a new work space for Madison & Grand. People have asked us about adding a full second story, adding more rooms but heres the thing...Since moving we have found that less is more. Sure it sounds cliche and I too was one of those people who looked at families that lived in true tiny home (technically it has to be under 500 sq feet to truly be considered a tiny house) and I scoffed that "I could never downsize like that" or "I would go crazy in a space that small". This season of change has been so eye opening and we're reminded that what we want ( a formal dining room and you know, enough bedrooms to fit all the members of your family) might not be what you need. (More on that later)

So stay tuned, we recently finished our floors and figured out our sleeping arrangements after a failed murphy bed attempt, which I look forward to sharing. Not to mention how I purged my kitchen and discovered that our tiny kitchen had no drawers. It's a long story, that proves you CAN look at too many houses.  Talk to you all soon! 



Ashley Atkisson