An Impromptu Hibernation


Life, I have discovered moves differently in Flagstaff. Having grown up my entire life in Southern California where it is perpetually 72 and sunny, I was taken by surprise when real winter rolled in. Most of the time Madison & Grand takes a short break between Christmas and New Years and then resumes business as usual in the new year. Planning the spring collection, testing new product, mapping out our market season. This year however as I watch my town and more specifically my neighborhood retreat into their cozy homes, light their fires and brace for cold days and snowy nights I felt an overwhelming pull to do likewise. My world grew quiet, my house became a warm and welcome retreat, where hot chocolate was waiting for my kids after they played all day in the snow. Where my husband came home to a big pot of hot soup on the stove after a long day at work. Where we had impromptu pajama days and movie nights when school declared it a snow day. The grey arm chair in the corner of the living room became my lookout spot. Wrapped in a blanket and hot coffee in hand I sat watch over my cozy kingdom. Kids playing legos and snow falling or winter wind howling. While this winter was decidedly less aggressive than past ones I quickly learned that Flagstaff life isn't dictated by our own schedules and plans but rather by the ebb and flow of seasons. Where bosses call and tell you to come in late so you don't have to drive on the fresh snow but can wait for the plow. Where schools tell you to stay home and be safe, where the world gets quiet and no one minds. It's just a season after all. 

This last week the weather has started to warm, the grass has begun poking through and the trees are starting to spring buds that will soon explode into pink blossoms declaring it Spring! My workspace, temporarily neglected, now beckons me with fresh vision and energy. The house seems brighter, crisp and ready for me to create something new. So please excuse my absence, and know that as I hang up my winter coat, and throw open the doors to the workshop new things are coming and we can't wait to share. 

My word of advice to you all? Take a moment to let go of your schedule. Look around you, and see what impromptu moments might be waiting for you. 



Ashley Atkisson