In 2007 when my husband and I said “I do” we moved into a tiny duplex in downtown Carlsbad on…you guessed it…the corner of Madison & Grand. It was in this tiny duplex that our styles collided and we learned what it meant to share living space. We had both had roommates before but this was different and learning to compromise and blend styles to create a home that welcomed us both in at the end of the day took some time.

In fact, to be completely honest we didn’t master this until well after we moved from our tiny duplex. I was the minimalist who loved neutral colors, clean lines and cozy fabrics. My husband was an explosion of color and a lover of one of a kind pieces. I can say now that we have finally found our groove and know how to create a space that makes both of us feel at home. It was through this process that I discovered how much I loved creating pieces that made our home unique and gave it a little something extra, and as a couple we discovered how much we enjoyed designing spaces together.

The vision for Madison & Grand has been to create a brand that is filled with items to help you as you take your space from house to home. Items that are clean and simple but also offer an element of uniqueness to your space. Working primarily with wood, our aesthetic is sort of a modern rustic if you will, with a Scandinavian influence courtesy of my husbands Norwegian roots. We never stop looking for inspiration which means we will always be evolving, but one thing that will never change is our commitment to bring you quality products for your space. 

Home is an incredibly sacred place, it’s the epicenter of the family unit. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be invited into your homes through our creations. 


Ashley & Sebastion 

Behind The Brand

Six Facts About The Creators Of Madison & Grand

1. We love Jesus...without Him none of this is possible and we look to Him to guide us as a family and a small business. 

2. We love our family...our two kids and fur baby are our most prized possessions. 

3. We are coffee snobs and you can almost always find us at our fave coffee spot every Saturday. 

4. We adore our hometown. Both of us grew up in Oceanside, Ca. 

5. In 2017 we began a new adventure and relocated to Flagstaff AZ, where we purchased "The Tiny House In The Woods" which you can read all about on our blog. 

6. We love our home. It's always changing and evolving as we are inspired but our place is our sacred retreat from the world, its OUR place. So when you invite us into YOUR place by purchasing our products we do not take that lightly. We truly thank you for supporting our journey.